Is your laptop getting heated up ? WHY ??? What can be done ?

New laptops work fine, but as time passes heating problem starts. Especially when CPU usage by the software running in the laptop is more. Softwares  like MATLAB, Photoshop, Virus scanning softwares heat up the laptop. The reason for this increasing in temperature can be due to improper ventilation inside the laptop.

Every laptop has an exhaust fan to dissipate the heat generated by the processor, memory.When there is some problem with the exhaust fan, the temperature of the laptop definitely rises, if the fan stops working the temperature rises rapidly, when the temperature rises beyond a point the laptop suddenly switches off because of a temperature sensor present near the processor.

Since the temperature of my laptop was increasing gradually, I decided to open it up and check the working of the exhaust fan.

Photo0118          Photo0117

This is the exhaust system which I removed from my laptop,  it has a small DC motor whose shaft is connected to the shaft of the exhaust fan, which runs on 5V, 400mA DC power supply. The triangular metal part rests on the processor, the heat is efficiently transferred through the thick , solid copper bar.  The exhaust fan pushes out the heated air around the heated metal.

On removing the 4 screws of the metal casing which attached the fan to the metal casing the PROBLEM revealed itself, check the pictures below :

       Photo0119 Photo0121

There was this accumulated dust which blocked the exhaust holes, in turn because of these blockages the density of accumulated dust increased. The dust, it was like sponge.

      Photo0122 Photo0123

I cleaned it up and fixed it back into the laptop. Now it is running normally, it’s lungs were cleared! My laptop was heating up badly and I wanted to buy those laptop cooling pads, which are costly and are not at all portable, which in turn destroys the concept of a laptop being portable. But they keep your laptop cool though.

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